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How Does the Referral Program Work?

A unique referral link will be created for you and this link has a small piece of code inside it that lets me know you’re the one who referred a student to Awesome Money Course.

Since you are helping out your friend or family member learn how to manage their money better, we are going to then send you a little thank-you commission of 30% for each student you refer!

In addition, anytime a user lands on any page under https://www.awesomemoneycourse.com with your affiliate code embedded, we automatically create a 365 day cookie in their browser.

The only exception to this is if they clicked on someone else’s referral link before yours (first come first serve).


What is a ‘Cookie’?

This 365 day cookie means any purchase they make after clicking on your referral link in the next one year is attributed to you, with you receiving 30% referral rate for each student who enrolls inside Awesome Money Course.


When Will I Receive My Referral Bonus?

If Awesome Money Course is purchased in full or purchased on the monthly payment plan, you will still receive your commission 45 days after the course is purchased.

We pay out 45 days after the new student enrolls inside Awesome Money Course. New students have 30 days from the first day of class to request a full refund if they are unhappy for any reason (which you know they won’t be!)

*Note: New students can purchase Awesome Money Course up to 2 weeks before the course start date

Example: A new student enrolls in the course on September 30th. You will receive your thank-you comission(s) on November 14th.


Is There a Limit to the Referral Program?

Absolutely not! We would love to send you 30% for each and every person you refer inside the course!


How Will I Receive My Referral Bonus?

Your bonus will be sent to your PayPal account.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one here for free: Open PayPal Account


Where Can I Promote Awesome Money Course?

Wherever you would like! Simply copy your referral link and you can send that link through email, text message, social media, etc.


Anything Else?

Enrollment for Awesome Money Course is open all year long. This means if you refer your friends to Awesome Money Course today but they don’t purchase for another 6 months, you will still receive your thank-you referral if the new student enrolls anytime within the next year.


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